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How to identify system do...

How to identify system doors and Windows
How to identify system doors and Windows
How to identify system doors and Windows

How to identify system doors and Windows

Now the domestic aluminum alloy doors and Windows slightly famous door and window brand almost every family flaor system doors and Windows, and the domestic aluminum alloy doors and Windows products in the real system doors and Windows products almost ten do not exist six, for domestic franchisees, join the high quality system doors and Windows brand can be met and can not seek opportunities. So to an outstanding door window dealer how to identify system door window appears extremely important.

Aluminum alloy doors and Windows products market chaos, recognition system Windows just grasp some doors and Windows can quickly distinguish whether systems: the product is formed system is energy conservation and environmental protection, product structure, hardware whether to close and stable structure, product profile formula is strong, whether the production process strictly enforce system Windows standards.

Look at the product first, the system doors and Windows design is generally its own system, the appearance style of each door and Windows product is its own system, from profile to hardware system doors and Windows product is its own system. Every splicing part of the door and window products and the perfect structure of the joint, so that the product to achieve structural stability. In order to save the cost of the system Windows and doors in the design of general accessories, the product in the process of joint may be able to achieve tight stitching, but the stability of the product structure and the durability of the product seriously wear out, affecting the quality of product use.

Then look at the structure, the system door and window structure in the design process of the core consideration of the product aluminum alloy doors and Windows profile environmental insulation function, the product in the design of the use of different muon transmission to reduce heat transmission and should be far away, the use of broken bridge multi-cavity design, so that the product structure to achieve sound insulation, heat insulation energy-saving effect.

Each hardware of the system door and window is molded and cast according to the design of the product profile cavity. The structure adopts one-time extrusion molding, so that the product hardware can better guarantee the stability of the structure splice. The filling glue product has the high quality waterproof performance, which is the high quality choice of the home decoration door and window.

Excellent product quality is a good guarantee to guarantee the service life of doors and Windows products. The system doors and Windows in the use of structural materials to select high strength magnesium aluminum alloy doors and Windows special profiles to ensure the structural stability of doors and Windows and wind-resistant performance. The anodic oxidation treatment is adopted on the surface of the structural material of the system doors and Windows. The surface is processed by wood grain transfer process or spraying and frosting process. The structure of aluminum alloy doors and Windows is durable and can be used in high-end residential doors and Windows to better reflect the owner's excellent taste.

There are a lot of doors and Windows system at home and abroad, there are also a lot of doors and Windows claiming to be the system, so how to define is not the system doors and Windows?

System: An interconnected or interacting group of elements with a specific function.

Door and window system: In order to meet the performance requirements of set building doors and Windows, a group of elements composed of materials, structure, window shape and technology developed by the system can be processed into a set of building doors and Windows with set performance.

System doors and Windows: a complete technical system support, covering all the technical aspects of doors and Windows, building doors and Windows application of integrated technical solutions. System doors and Windows consist of a system of doors and Windows (elements).

The system door and window is the construction door and window that completes the design, manufacture and installation of the door and window in strict accordance with the requirements of each element of the door and window system.

The operation way of system door window, have basically at present two kinds, a kind is to be operated by system company, the processing of door window makes reach fittings to wait to be in charge of by system company; One is the open operation, profile, hardware, rubber, processing each responsibility. No matter what kind of means is used, the purpose is to improve the performance of doors and Windows.

The system doors and Windows in the process adopt German doors and Windows system standard, only in the production of strict implementation of European doors and Windows standards, to achieve every detail of the process to the extreme, so that the product to achieve quality balance and structural rationality.

Doors and Windows is a performance system of perfect organic combination, need to consider the water tightness, air tightness and wind resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sunshade, weatherability, handle and a series of important function, but also equipment, material, accessories, glass, viscose, seal the comprehensive result of performance of each link, be short of one cannot, eventually form a system of high performance Windows and doors.

The advantage of system door window, it is the performance that guaranteed door window to the greatest extent, satisfied people's need. For example, thermal insulation performance, system doors and Windows can meet the requirements of 75% energy saving building. System doors and Windows is the inevitable development of society, as real estate and users, the intelligent doors and Windows, low carbon requirements are also getting more and more attention. At present on building materials market, use high-grade broken bridge to keep aluminium alloy door window apart, already made the first choice product of window of window of a lot of high-grade building gradually.

Protecting the health of the occupants can protect the building structure and its decoration from condensation or rainwater that naturally occurs in the air, reduce energy consumption for heating and air conditioning, and reduce maintenance and operating costs.